by Okapi

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This 3-track demo was recorded live in our Brooklyn basement with a single Zoom H2 Recorder. We encourage you to view the lyrics while listening!

This demo is a taste of our "Remnants of the Unborn Mosaic: Midwives to Metamorphosis" collection, which we're hoping to record/release as the entire 8-track album within the next few months. It'll be our first album release as a purely acoustic duo.


released January 8, 2016

Scott Gorski: Double Bass & Voice
Lindsey Miller: Cello



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Okapi Brooklyn, New York

OKAPI utilizes bass, cello, and voice through unconventional juxtapositions to create an alternative sense of unity within their intimate orchestrations. Carrying satirical yet honest messages driven by existentialism and realism, they work to form a unique mosaic which stimulates the cryptic emotions often overlooked in everyday life. ... more

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Track Name: Upon The Clearing
Old gaping-gob, head ticks
Imploring seekers impound, surround
A stomach stirs when tainted tails erupt, blow up
Discharging such facetious... oh, mediations

Amongst these raging tides
Upon the clearing
Natives summon a celebration
Keeping the embers lit
Keeping the peace afloat
Pull them to our bosom
For a creation of elation

Reaching for a distant shore
Sea of clover
The closer to lust, the more he rusts
Dangling, frayed, and too late to delay
They pray and they prey
For robust and bold dismay

Consent to the setting sun,
As that dancing shell is hoisted up
Bones piercing bark, in spite of our little fellows

Marry thine body with its bright crystal beads,
Birthed upon their bronze provider

Outside advocates race for the dumb, delicious dew
Melting, falling,
To the parched domain of our departed ancestors

Heavy breaths, a fatal swoon
Slightly splitting beneath the open hides,
It leans in faint, quarreled opposition

Red berries are ripped from their polluted tree,
And the holes are covered with a brand new plea

A healthy branch is sprung from the congregation
Sucking thumb, looking into the sun,
Sensing the mosaic disarray
And harvesting the short-lived praise it soon will have to face
Track Name: Virgin Lips
His halo has lifted, it drifted away
The people who choose black or white, he paints grey
Knowledge and skills are his currency,
Their predictability a handshake

Their pillars once ripe, are brought down in one swipe
To make the land our church, and forgiveness - unheard
A shrine rebuilt for all seeking sure defeat
The ones who dare to dance, limber and discreet

Plucked from his tree, pulled off his track
Placed in captivity, with walls thick of glass
Displayed as a menace, an infectious seed about
Warning those who question convention and its clout

Collapsing on a thinly stiffened cot
And fighting the stench from a porcelain pot
A carving knife lies beside fruits that rot
A clever plot, but his spite's all he's got

His room sits amongst the union square
An invitation for all to come and stare
Disciples of tradition gather in his despair
The chairmen of conviction applaud for their snare

His roots retire
Under this enemy choir
Whittled and weak with desire
Entwined in a patient pyre
Track Name: Partisan You
The moss spreads o'er our land
Laid to rest in shade by the blinding hand
Colors change and luster sustains
When mold is torn a new crescendo's born

Sirens cry out mournful drones
For what our loops have sewn
Relying on time to complete repairs
There's twig scaffolding on porcelain stairs

Reaching for petals of merlot
Fingers climb up her barbed rope
Painfully true, partisan you

Sugar on their tongues
Fluid pools in their lungs
Sweat it out, why lick it up?
Our own connection's a confection unspun